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Broker Partner FAQs

We value our relationships with broker partners and consultants. Together, we create positive experiences for our shared clients through impactful, personalized solutions. New to Nova and have questions? We have answers. 

You may contact your client's dedicated Client Account representative for specific questions regarding your client’s medical, dental or vision plan. Log in to Nova’s secure Employer Information Center. To access reimbursement plan information, log in to Nova’s Reimbursement Account Information Center, or call (716) 932-5000 or 1-800-999-5703, and ask to speak with the Client Services team.

For an overview of our extensive portfolio of offerings, visit our Services page.

Our clients and their members can expect an elevated service experience based on quick resolution, a holistic view of the health plan and a comprehensive approach to trend management. They work together to ensure every element of a plan design minimizes gaps in care, manages trends and produces better quality medical outcomes and properly managed claims costs. Internally, we sit with you at the table, on the same team to solve problems and create a better benefit plan. To learn more about the benefits of partnering with Nova, contact the Business Development team at (716) 932-5105 or