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Comprehensive Health Plan Management

Is It Time to Get Direct?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) arrangements for self-funded plan sponsors offer an alternative to traditional network solutions with a flat-monthly fee for provider access and concierge care. Nova partners with DPC providers and plan sponsors to help round out the full picture of care with comprehensive data and support for optimal care and cost outcomes. 

We’re People, People

At Nova, we’re proud to serve as plan management partners for our clients and as care navigators for their members. Our clients are at the center of everything we do, every decision we make, and every option we consider. We’re solutions people informed by data but driven by a passion for helping people live better. That’s how we make health care plans that work for you. 

A great benefit plan starts with expert support. We believe the best solutions are built together, and the best experiences start with passion. Together, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and create a positive, lasting member experience. 

Read about our comprehensive health plans below:

Comprehensive Self-Funded Solutions

  • Population Health Management Programs
    A holistic approach to trend management relies on a thoughtful approach to population health management. Analyzing a variety of data, Nova identifies cost drivers and stratifies risks, ensuring the appropriate utilization to manage the health of your members, create positive health outcomes and reduce unnecessary high-cost services for clients.

    Nova focuses on the unique needs of each member, which may be complex and require holistic support. Plus, our spectrum of connected associates focused on our clients’ business help us view each account from a variety of perspectives.

  • Network Partnerships
    Nova works closely with our partners and clients to understand business goals and develop affordable access-to-care solutions to meet their needs. Our solutions analyst recommends the best network strategy for any organization —  your members deserve the right care, at the right time, in the right setting. We work with plan sponsors to cultivate in-network savings by making it easy to find convenient participating providers. Explore our list of network partners.

    Additionally, we support clients with Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) and Direct Primary Care (DPC) solutions. From narrow network arrangements to customized partnerships with vendors, we work with each client and their partners to support member education and optimize plan utilization.

    Looking for Network Alternatives?
    We meet you where you are on the spectrum of network solutions to help you make wiser choices when it comes to managing risk, cost and care outcomes.

PBM Partnerships

Deductibles, copayments and clinical data are all intertwined when evaluating how the right pharmacy management solution can assist plan sponsors in managing costs. Nova takes pride in partnering with best-in-class vendors and provides the flexibility for clients to work with their vendor of choice.

Stop-Loss Management & Administration

As a health plan steward, we work with some of the industry’s leading stop-loss providers to offer underwriting services. We manage reporting for specific and aggregate stop-loss policies, including filing claims for reimbursement or advance funding, when applicable. We also offer the flexibility to serve as the stop-loss broker of record or provide reporting to the stop-loss broker of record designated. Check out the list of our preferred partners.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Nova understands the importance of providing transparent, actionable health plan data. Backed by a team of analysts and clinicians, our reporting explains not only the reason behind cost drivers, but also how to control those drivers for the long-term. This  comprehensive approach enables plan sponsors to make informed decisions and maximize savings. Learn about Nova’s approach to trend management.

Best-in-Class Partners

Nova collaborates with best-in-class point solution partners to support a plan's unique needs. We have the ability to partner with your vendors of choise but we've done the hard work for you. Learn more about our preferred partners.