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Build a better employee benefit plan
Build a better employee benefit plan

Build a Better Employee Health Benefits Plan

Want to enhance employee benefits packages?

Let Us Show You What's Possible.

What is Self-Funded Insurance?

As an ADVISOR for our clients and their employee benefits partners, Nova’s changing the A in TPA.

Comprehensive Benefit Plans

One point of contact to support a best-in-class employee benefit package including HSA, FSA, HRA, dental and vision.

Flexible Employee Benefits Solutions

Your goals are our goals. We provide flexibility for our clients to maximize the benefits of self-funding.

Rocket ship

A Higher Standard

We achieve meaningful results that benefit our clients and their employees. From care management to plan optimization we aim for elevated, everyday.

What People Have to Say About Nova

Annually we measure client satisfaction but we also aim to work in partnership to meet the needs of members, providers, vendor partners, and each other. It's one of the things that makes Nova a great place to work.

Employee Benefits, Simplified

Self-funding offers the flexibility to design a personalized plan that manages medical plan costs. Imagine offering a customized benefit plan that meets the needs of your employees and their families. We can help you get there.

Ready to learn more about how Nova's approach to self-funded benefits can make a difference for you?