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May 3, 2021

Nova Re-accredited Through the Validation Institute

Innovative healthcare brands partner with Validation Institute to deliver highly effective programs and guarantee greater outcomes.

Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc. (Nova) Nova's clinical protocols drive measurable improvements that help to mitigate year-after-year trend. Following a thorough data analysis, Nova was revalidated through the Validation Institute for 2021 in the TPA category.

“This award is important to Nova because it allows us to highlight an external verification of the impact Nova’s programs have for clients and their plan participants. Within the industry this validation affirms, very simply, that we do what we say we do.”, said Jamie Farrell, Vice President, Population Health & Product Management.

Nova creates a cost and risk management strategy tailored to each employer’s benefit plan, culture, and goals. The strategy uses medical, behavioral, and pharmacy claims, plus operational observations, a company-level assessment and lab data (when available). The strategy addresses preventive care, early detection of illness, improving treatment compliance, appropriateness of services, and reducing cost of necessary care. Nova’s clients have had annual rate increases that are lower by half than a national benchmark. In 2020, Nova has once again achieved below-average admissions and emergency room visits for common chronic disease.

“Validation Institute recognizes the tremendous work done by Nova, with two validated programs. Nova helps organizations control costs and improve outcomes. The Validation Institute stands behind these validations confidently with a $25,000 Credibility Guarantee for employers,” stated Sue Morrell, General Manager, Validation Institute.”

Nova’s demographics, claims data, and study design methodology were reviewed, earning Validation Institute’s $25,000 “Credibility Guarantee,” in recognition of measurement using the most valid methodology and for a solution that has measurably “moved the needle” on an outcome of importance. Nova has once again achieved below-average admissions and emergency room visits for common chronic disease. Nova’s comprehensive trend management approach continues to keep Nova competitive in the market by tweaking and showcasing their proprietary formula for success.