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March 9, 2022

Nova Awarded NextGen Benefits Solution Provider Certification

Certification Recognizes Transparency, Care Outcomes & Cost Savings

The NextGen Benefits Network has awarded the prestigious NextGen Benefits Solution Provider Certification to Nova Healthcare Administrators (Nova). NextGen Certification recognizes adherence to a stringent set of principles and validated performance results.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious certification from NextGen,” says James Walleshauser, president, Nova. “This validates Nova’s commitment to the people health plans serve and the businesses they support. Every number tells a story, and our comprehensive, collaborative approach to population health management provides actionable analytics and strategies that help deliver the best outcomes for each client and their plan participants. Health care plans have to be functional. That’s why we believe that personalization is the path to better plan performance and we strive each day to help our clients achieve the Triple Aim of Better Outcomes, Improved Experience and Lower Costs. A client’s solution should be as unique as their situation.”

In addition to proof of a foundational commitment to NextGen principles, NextGen Certification also requires documented performance results as verified by the Validation Institute, NextGen Benefits Network’s partner in NextGen Certification.

The data scientists at the Validation Institute confirmed that Nova has produced both cost savings – “annual rate increases that are lower by half than a national benchmark” – and positive health care outcomes – “below-average admissions and emergency room visits for common chronic disease.”

“Nova is the type of NextGen solution provider that employers and their NextGen Benefits Advisers can rely on to ensure the high-quality care and lower cost that NextGen health plans promise,” says Nelson Griswold, Chairman of the NextGen Benefits Network. “We were impressed with Nova’s commitment to NextGen principles such as transparency in all aspects of their operation and cost containment rooted in delivering quality care.”


About the NextGen Benefits Network

A national alliance of independent health care advisory and consulting firms, the NextGen Benefits Network is driving a national movement to put company owners and executives back in charge of their health care spend and make health care a controllable cost. The NextGen Benefits Network has offices across the U.S. and boasts many of the top health care advisers and consultants. Network members have been featured in premier business publications such as Chief Executive and CFO magazines and as speakers at leading health care and benefits conferences, including the prestigious World Health Care Congress.