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April 14, 2022

Physician Joins this Week’s “Under the Coverage” Podcast to Discuss What Patients Can Do to Improve the Quality of Care

Requesting your medical records, copies of scans, and test results should be a common occurrence. Armed with this information you can save yourself from unnecessary duplication of services and improve the quality of your medical care, explains this week’s “Under the Coverage”  guest Dr. Adnaan Sheriff of Amherst Medical Group in Buffalo, NY.

On our latest episode, “What’s Up Doc,” Dr. Sheriff discusses how wasted services contribute to the extremely high rate of health care spending in the U.S. Not only can avoiding duplication of services cut down on health care spending in general, but it can save the patient time and money. In addition, Dr. Sheriff recommends patients request a copy of their tests such as X-rays, as well as ask that their primary care physician receive copies of any tests ordered by specialists, so they can serve as a central resource for medical records. Moreover, he encourages patients to advocate for themselves as much as possible when it comes to asking about test results, as this can help avoid lapses or delays in care.

“Doctors will get thousands of records from a week,” Dr. Sheriff said. “Our job becomes we have to filter through the fluff so to speak and really figure out what’s going on and what matters. At the end of the day the more you know about your history, the more you know about your results, the better off your care is going to be long-term.”

To hear more from Dr. Sheriff, tune into this week’s episode.

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