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March 24, 2022

"Under the Coverage" Shares Cost Saving Tips

Quizzify CEO joins podcast to offer tips to spend wisely on ER and prenatal services

When at the doctor’s office, it can feel like a lot of information is thrown at you in a short time. You may have questions but hesitate to ask for various reasons. But asking questions can save you some money, as Al Lewis, CEO and co-founder of Quizzify, shares on Nova’s latest podcast, “Pregnancy and ER Bills.”

On this week’s episode of “Under the Coverage,” Lewis, making his second appearance on the podcast, discusses tips to save money on emergency room visits and prenatal care, along with other resources available through Quizzify. Quizzify is a health care learning platform that aims to make people more savvy health care consumers using a format similar to Jeopardy, offering humorous, trivia-style quizzes reviewed by doctors at Harvard Medical School to explain complex topics.

“We do say wiser consumers make healthier decisions – that’s our catch phrase at Quizzify, along with ‘just because it’s health care doesn’t mean it’s good for you,’” quips Lewis.

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