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July 12, 2023

Becoming an Educated Consumer of Health Care 

Guest from HealthJoy Joins Nova’s ‘Under the Coverage’ Podcast

Helping people become healthy and well is one of Stephan Casi’s passions. We second that, which is why we invited him to join this week’s podcast to discuss his background story and shed light on how important it is to utilize your benefits properly.

The average consumer is not trained to shop for health care. Casi, a sales executive with on-demand health care navigation platform HealthJoy, shares his personal experience navigating a health care event on the latest episode of “Under the Coverage.” After dealing with neck pain and seeking care from numerous providers, a chiropractor recommended Casi get an MRI. So, he did research and found a primary care physician and neurosurgeon, who ultimately identified he needed surgery. In total, this process took a long and frustrating three years.

“So that is why I like to influence people and help them get through a situation that maybe they wouldn't like that I had to go through,” Casi explained. “Let’s get them through that quicker, so they have a great experience and a better outcome.”

Trying to manage a health condition and navigating how to find different providers and pay for services can take a significant amount of time and money. That’s where a solution like HealthJoy comes into play – with the goal of simplifying the health care and benefits experience. Nova partners with HealthJoy on our Nova x HealthJoy product to connect members to the right benefits at the right time, such as virtual urgent care, benefits guidance, price transparency assistance and more.

“I believe that everybody needs an advocate,” Casi said. “We (HealthJoy) have that advocate. We have that ability for an individual to ask those questions, to find them out …Because at the end of the day, that health care, you’re paying for it.”

For more on navigating health care and benefits, listen to our latest episode, “Becoming an Educated Consumer of Health Care.”

In 2022, Nova launched “Under the Coverage,” a podcast featuring people who spend their working days focused on health benefits and health care, to share their insider tips and information they wish every health care consumer knew.

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