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May 31, 2023

Latest 'Under the Coverage' Podcast Navigates Ins and Outs of Medical Networks

Do you know what medical network you use through your health plan and how to find an in-network provider? Do you have more than one network you can use?

In this week’s episode of “Under the Coverage,” Nova’s chief sales officer, Todd Martin, joins the podcast to share how you can answer some common questions about your health plan network just by looking at your medical ID card. And once you know what the logos on your card mean, you can have better conversations to guide staff at your provider’s office. 

“ID cards can be confusing because you might have an independent TPA that you’re familiar with,” Martin said. “You might think that you have Nova insurance, but Nova might not be the network. And so, when you look at the ID card, you might see an employer logo. You could see a Nova logo. You could see a PPO network logo and even make it worse. There’s probably a PBM logo on there, so if you’re not working in the industry, there’s a really good chance that you’re going to be really confused.”

In Nova’s latest podcast, aptly titled “Logo Land – Making Sense of ID Card Logos,” Martin, who has worked in health insurance for 20 years, discusses what a medical network is, common areas of confusion related to how your health plan’s network works, alternatives to traditional provider networks and much more.

Nova launched “Under the Coverage,” a podcast featuring people who spend their working days focused on health benefits and health care, to share their insider tips and information they wish every health care consumer knew.

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