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People on couch reviewing information

Member FAQ

We are always there to help members navigate questions — care navigation — it’s kind of our thing. If you have questions, our roundup of frequently asked questions is a great place to start. 

Contact Nova’s Customer Service Department to speak with a care navigator:

A Preferred Provider Organization, often referred to as a PPO Network, is a group of participating providers that have agreed to provide comprehensive services at a reasonable cost to you and your employer. These participating providers have agreed to accept fixed fees for services covered under the plan. These rates are often much lower than the provider’s standard charges. Generally, the plans cover a higher percentage of the allowable charges at a PPO provider than a non-PPO provider to encourage in-network utilization.

You can access PPO network directories online. It is your responsibility to confirm participation in the network by contacting the provider. We recommend that you call the provider directly prior to receiving services.

You can also find out if your doctor or dentist is participating in one of the following ways:

  • Call the toll-free number for your network listed next to the network logo on the Find a Provider page.
  • Contact Nova’s Customer Service Department at (716) 773-2122 or 1-800-999-5703.

  • You can visit providers who do not participate in the network; however, you may be billed for out-of-pocket expenses above the plan allowable amount and any deductible or coinsurance amounts as defined by your plan.
  • If you would like the network to attempt to recruit your provider to participate in the network, please contact the network at the number listed next to the network on the Find a Provider page.

Please contact your employer or Nova’s Customer Service Department at (716) 773-2122 or 1-800-999-5703.

Request an ID card for your medical, dental, or vision plan through our secure Consumer Information Center. You may also request an ID card by contacting our Customer Service Department at (716) 773-2122 or toll-free at 1-800-999-5703.

Request a replacement for a lost or stolen Nova Innovations Visa® Prepaid Card through our secure Reimbursement Account Information Center. You may also request a card by contacting our Customer Service Department at (716) 505-8566 or toll-free at 1-877-268-3799.

No, the card may be used only for qualified expenses, as regulated by the IRS. This also may vary depending on the plan offered by your employer. You can access links to review eligible FSA, HRA and HSA expenses here. You should also check the plan documents provided by your employer for more information. Remember to retain documentation of the expense (keep all receipts!) for FSA, HRA and HSA plans. You may be required to substantiate your transaction, in accordance with IRS regulations.

FSA, HRA and HSA plans offer tax advantages and are regulated by the IRS. You may be asked to provide substantiation for your purchases to verify their eligibility. The documentation required for card substantiation is the same information required for traditional paper claim forms. It is recommended that you keep copies of itemized transaction receipts for each card purchase. This includes cash register receipts (for items such as hearing aid batteries or contact lens solution), insurance plan Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements, and itemized statements for vision or other health care expenses. For prescription drugs purchased at a pharmacy, this would include the pharmacy receipt.