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January 2024

Learn 'What's Possible' With Self-Funded Employee Benefits

Dive into the world of self-funded health insurance with our new monthly educational video series

Self-funded health insurance has emerged as a powerful employee health benefits solution, offering flexibility, cost savings, and control for employers. But are you confused by all the options available in a self-funded insurance arrangement?

If you're looking for a clear and concise guide to self-funded insurance and employee benefits, you've come to the right place. We’re excited to launch a monthly educational video series that aims to demystify the complexities of self-funded health plans. Each video in the series is presented by a subject matter expert who will help you gain better insight into how a self-funded arrangement functions and how it can improve health care costs and employee satisfaction.  You'll find valuable insights and tips on how to make the most of your health plan options. We'll also cover the latest trends and best practices in employee benefits packages, so you can attract and retain top talent in your industry.

 Join us each month as we unravel the potential within the realm of self-funding and showcase what's truly possible for your organization.  

Our series kicks off with the basics – what is a self-funded insurance plan? In “Self-Funding 101” learn how self insurance works and how to choose the best self-funding solution for your business

Upcoming topics include:


Take a deep dive into Third Party Administration (TPA) versus Administrative Services Only (ASO) models. We will break down the nuances, advantages, and considerations of each, providing you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your organization's health insurance strategy.

Level-Funded Insurance  

Explore the world of level-funded insurance, an innovative approach that combines the benefits of self-funding with the predictability of traditional plans. Discover how level-funding can optimize your health care costs while maintaining financial stability.

Mastering Stop Loss and Underwriting

Delve into the critical components of stop loss insurance and underwriting. Our expert will guide you through the risk mitigation strategies and underwriting principles essential for a successful self-funded health insurance program.

Revolutionizing Access to Care

Discover how self-funding can enhance access to quality healthc are for your employees. From tailored networks to telemedicine options, we'll showcase how self-funded plans can provide the right health care experience for your workforce.

Navigating Open Enrollment with Confidence

As open enrollment approaches, gain insights into structuring a seamless process for your employees. Learn about plan design, employee communication strategies, and the tools that make open enrollment a breeze within a self-funded framework.

We believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking the full potential of self-funded health insurance. Join us on this journey as we empower you to explore, understand, and leverage the possibilities that self-funding offers. Subscribe to our video series today and embark on a transformative path toward a healthier and more cost-effective future for your organization. Let's redefine what's possible with self-funding!

A great benefit plan starts with expert support. Let Nova show you what’s possible...