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May 2024

Meet the Nova Team: Laura S.

Honoring Nurses Week, Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother's Day with a series of special associate profiles

Several of our nurses from our medical management area worked in labor and delivery (L&D) or post-partum care before they came to Nova. In celebration of National Nurses Week and Mother's Day, we're sharing their unique perspectives and insights.

How long have you worked at Nova? I have worked at Nova since Dec. 1, 2023.

How long have you worked as a nurse? I have been a nurse for 35 years.

Describe your previous work in L&D and/or post-partum care: My labor and delivery experience was early in my nursing career at North Hills Passavant in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Thinking about Mother’s Day, as well as May being Mental Health Month, please share your favorite part of working in L&D or post-partum care: My most precious and rewarding experiences were on the maternity floor watching families begin. Assisting young parents with the new role of parenthood and showing them the “Baby Basics” - bathing, diapering, feeding breast or bottle. Best part was watching mothers look at their miracle in complete amazement. I saw seasoned parents and fresh beginners. I had my first child at that same hospital with all my coworkers in the doorway cheering me on as I welcomed my first-born who was born on my husband's birthday!

Anything you’d like to add about motherhood? Anxiety, am I doing this right? How do I allow my child to make mistakes, fall down brush it off. Heart break after they break up with their first love. These things are what shape them as we teach them. My son told me last Mother's Day, “We are who we are because of you!”

Motherhood is one of my hardest and most rewarding roles I have ever played as it is a lifelong career.Then come grandbabies! And the fun starts again!

Laura is pictured with her sons, from left, Lucas, Patrick and Jason.