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May 2024

Meet the Nova Team: Molly H.

Honoring Nurses Week, Mental Health Awareness Month and Mother's Day with a series of special associate profiles

Several of our nurses from our medical management area worked in mental health care, labor and delivery (L&D) or post-partum care before they came to Nova. In celebration of National Nurses Week, Mental Health Month and Mother's Day, we're sharing their unique perspectives and insights.

How long have you worked at Nova? 4 years

How long have you worked as a nurse? 11 years

Describe in a few sentences your previous work in mental health care: Prior to working as a RN Case Manager here at Nova, I previously worked on an inpatient adult psychiatric unit. This was an eye-opening experience, witnessing face-to-face how a mental health diagnosis can deeply affect a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. Working as a case manager now with a special focus in behavioral health, it is so important to ensure that these patients are provided with adequate support and outpatient linkage so they can live healthy and fulfilling lives. 

Thinking about May being Mental Health Month, please share your favorite part of working in mental/behavioral health: There is so much love and compassion in the field of nursing. Being there to help another human being, sometimes during the most difficult points in their life, is the most fulfilling part of my job.