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Presentation for self-funded benefit plan sponsors and brokers
Presentation for self-funded benefit plan sponsors and brokers

Self-Funded Insurance Services

We know your people deserve the best. When you choose self-funding and third-party administration services for health care benefit offerings, you unlock the flexibility you need to provide the benefit plan your people deserve.

We Offer Custom Health Plan Solutions With You in Mind

At Nova, our passionate experts work alongside you to provide the products and services best suited to your organization — whether purpose-built or pre-defined and proven successful. We recommend tailored benefit plan solutions, products and services based on demographics, industry, group size, claims experience, plan design, risk tolerance, and variability in cash flow. A self-funded health plan can provide a variety of opportunities.

Information Management

Access to medical claims and utilization data allows you to make informed decisions and plan changes to recognize savings sooner.

Customized Plan Design

Tailored plans that meet your needs allow for modifications as your employees’ needs change, even outside of your renewal cycle.


Build a consistent health care benefits plan for employees nationwide avoiding niche requirements based on state mandates.

Cut Costs

In a self-funded arrangement, employers can improve benefits and manage health plan costs without raising employee contributions.

Working with Nova as a Third-Party Administrator

As health plan advisors for our clients — we're not just another third party administrator. Nova provides more than claims administration and customer service — we are dedicated to the success of self-funded health plans. We understand the complexities of the health care industry, which allows us to partner with clients to recommend the a ready-to-implement solution or develop something custom that meets your financial and benefit needs. With our in-house medical management and health plan performance teams, we can help you and your members make proactive decisions that will lead to better quality medical outcomes and contained costs. A robust benefits plan includes more than your medical plan. We've got you covered with a variety of solutions. 

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Nova can help you formulate a better benefit plan. We work in partnership with clients and brokers to achieve plan success - however you define it.

Quality and Commitment

Quality and Commitment

Nova is dedicated to making quality of care and service the focus of everything we do. We see the people through the plans and work hard to find the best solutions for everyone. A true partner, we offer custom solutions and elevated service to achieve sustainable reductions in health care costs now — and in the future.