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TPA Services

Third-Party Administrators

As health plan advisors for our clients we are dedicated to the success of self-funded health plans. We understand the complexities of the health care industry. We partner with clients to support a ready-to-implement solution or develop a customized benefit plan that meets your financial and benefit needs. Our in-house medical management and health plan performance teams help you and your members make proactive decisions that will lead to better quality medical outcomes and cost containment. A robust benefits plan includes the work perks to support recruitment and retention. Round out your benefit plan with:

When you choose self-funded insurance and third-party administration services for health care benefits, you unlock the flexibility you need to provide the employee benefits your people deserve.

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Nova can help you formulate a better benefit plan. We work in partnership with clients and brokers to achieve plan success - however you define it.

Information Management

Access to medical claims and utilization data allows you to make informed decisions and plan changes to recognize savings sooner.

Customized Health Plans

Tailored plans that meet your needs allow for modifications as your employees’ needs change, even outside your renewal cycle.

Control Plan Design

Build a consistent benefits plan for employees nationwide avoiding niche requirements based on state mandates.

Save Money

In a self-funded arrangement, employers can improve benefits and manage health plan costs without raising employee contributions.

Level Funded Health Plans

Looking for a sustainable solution to the rising cost of health care for small business? Level funded health plans are a great option to mitigate financial risk and manage the cost of employee benefits. Our unique level funded plans provide control, flexibility, and opportunity for savings while bridging the gap between a fully insured and a self insured plan. An added bonus...with Nova's level funded solution, 100% of excess claims funding can be returned to the plan.

Learn how you can save on benefit plans for small business.