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Dental, Vision & COBRA benefits
Dental, Vision & COBRA benefits

Ancillary Health Insurance Plans

Round Out Your Benefit Plan With Ancillary Benefits

Ancillary health insurance benefits are an investment in general wellness. We make it easy and affordable for employers to provide the customized dental and vision benefits employees and their families need.

Self-Funded Dental Insurance

Better oral health can help manage overall benefit plan costs. Nova has access to nationally recognized and proprietary dental networks to offer more choice and convenience. Our commitment to service excellence ensures plan participant satisfaction and supports clients with a point of contact to offer high quality, affordable self-funded dental plans. Explore more.

We Switched. We Saved. We Smiled. 

Nova not only administers self-funded benefit plans; we’ve also experienced self-funded savings firsthand. After Nova moved from a traditionally funded dental plan to one of our self-funded plan models, we experienced savings of more than 46% in the first year.


Vision Benefits

Regular eye exams can identify vision issues and dilation serves as a window to a number of chronic conditions. Vision exams, at any age, support eye health and overall wellness. Vision benefits, in conjunction with a medical plan, help to give a member a full picture of health. When benefits are used as a tool to help recruit and retain talent, it just makes sense to build a robust benefit plan incorporating medical, dental, vision, and reimbursement benefits. Between vision chains and independent providers, our network solution has your members covered. Interested in a quote? Get started here!

COBRA Administration

COBRA Continuation Coverage is rife with regulations and timelines. ERISA plans with 20 or more employees are required to provide COBRA Continuation Coverage. Let Nova's COBRA administration solution help with the headache and provide a compliant solution to manage the transition for newly departed employees. Learn more.