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Reimbursement Account
Information Center

Want to manage your account conveniently, 24/7? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Employee Login

Access the Reimbursement Account Information Center for benefit information. Once your online account is created, you can download the NovaFlex app for iOS and Android devices.

Employer Login

Access the Reimbursement Account Information Center for plan details. Once your online account is created, you can download the NovaFlex app for iOS and Android devices.

Buffalo City School District Retiree Dental

Need help accessing your account? Call us! 
(716) 505-8566 or (877) 268-3799

If you are logging in for the first time use the username and password combination indicated below. If you are affiliated with Buffalo City School District Retiree Dental, please click here.

Username: Your first initial, followed by; your last name, followed by; the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number e.g., jsmith1234 

Temporary password: Innovation

If you have difficulty logging in, please contact (716) 505-8566 or (877) 268-3799.

Can I use my card for any health-related expenses?

No, the card may be used only for qualified expenses, as regulated by the IRS. This also may vary depending on the plan offered by your employer. You can access links to review eligible FSA, HRA and HSA expenses here.  You should also check the plan documents provided by your employer for more information. Remember to retain documentation of the expense (keep all receipts!) for FSA, HRA and HSA plans. You may be required to substantiate your transaction, in accordance with IRS regulations.

Why do I need to keep my receipts?

FSA, HRA and HSA plans offer tax advantages and are regulated by the IRS. You may be asked to provide substantiation for your purchases to verify their eligibility. The documentation required for card substantiation is the same information required for traditional paper claim forms. It is recommended that you keep copies of itemized transaction receipts for each card purchase. This includes cash register receipts (for items such as hearing aid batteries or contact lens solution), insurance plan Explanation of Benefit (EOB) statements, and itemized statements for vision or other health care expenses. For prescription drugs purchased at a pharmacy, this would include the pharmacy receipt.

Additional Questions?

Call: (716) 505-8566 or (877) 268-3799


NovaFlex app

Download the App

After you create your account online, you can download the NovaFlex app to access your account information for FSA, HSA, and HRA plan.

For faster access download the NovaFlex app:


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